EPAM’s commitment to sustainability has generated dozens of discrete green initiatives including many that stress direct energy-saving and carbon-footprint reduction practices.

Carbon Footprint

In April 2015 we partnered with Carbon Footprint UK to assess our Carbon Footprint and guide us to implement practices that would help us reduce our own footprint.

We will continue promoting the energy management system with the guidance of Carbon Footprint UK, to improve the overall energy-using efficiency across all our sites. 

Carbon Footprint Calculator

As a part of our global awareness program EPAM ran an in-house Carbon Footprint Calculator competition to increase the awareness of carbon footprint within EPAMers. The tool was developed to calculate and guide us to reduce our own foot print.


As a principle partner with UNDP we supported Hack4Tourism and Hack4SocialChange - Hackathon events aimed at promoting the visibility of eco-friendly touristic sites in Belarus and making this world a better place.

The Hackathons brought together creative young people who took on challenges to find innovative solutions for the most pressing social issues.