Technology Consultant

Philadelphia, PA, USA

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You are curious, persistent, logical and clever – a true techie at heart. You enjoy living by the code of your craft and developing elegant solutions for complex problems. If this sounds like you, this could be the perfect opportunity to join EPAM as a Technology Consultant. Scroll down to learn more about the position’s responsibilities and requirements.


  • Assist in the design & tailoring of consulting deliverables;
  • Produce high quality deliverables that achieve the explicit and implicit objectives of the assignment;
  • Expected to participate in meetings/phone conferences;
  • Be involved in customer workshops and presentations;
  • Collect data and information under supervision;
  • Present results under supervision;
  • Visit customers without supervision;
  • Carry out independently the detailed analysis and documentation work required for consulting assignments. This could include, but is not limited to, Cloud migration/operation, current technology platforms, application development methodology, application architecture, testing methodology and tools, DevOps process and tools and continuous improvement processes and metrics.


  • At least 2 years at Associate Technology Consultant grade or 5+ years of relevant technology consulting experience;
  • Expected to have a good understanding of consultancy assignment management processes and consultancy deliverables;
  • Deep understanding of the primary technology and 4-5 areas of growing technology specialization;
  • Can collaborate on required technology architecture, assessment and design work;
  • Can produce high-quality consultancy deliverables, tailored to the individual assignment. Contribute to IP development;
  • Understand the overall objectives and required deliverables of an assignment. Supervise or carry out analysis and documentation work to set timescales and quality standards with some guidance.