C++ Developer

Minsk, Belarus

Striving for excellence is in our DNA. Since 1993, we have been helping the world’s leading companies imagine, design, engineer, and deliver software and digital experiences that change the world. We are more than just specialists, we are experts.


Currently we are looking for a great C++ Developer to reinforce our team in Minsk.

What’s it all about? – Our account is working with a publishing company known across the globe and has offices in 40+ countries. We are engaged in creation and development of the platforms, which keep and deliver healthcare content (thematic and professional). The platforms are used both by US medical university students and by doctors during real surgeries. We make contribution into saving lives.

Our big and growing team (whole program is 70+ engineers) is working with the heart of this platform - the search engine, based on the C++. One of our challenges here is to help people to find accurate information in the shortest period of time and to keep them up-to-date in their professional life.

Project technologies and tools

  • C++ in the heart;
  • .NET for external integrations;
  • New UX interface;
  • Java in the middle layer between UI and back-end and core;
  • Perl for the front-end;
  • Cloud (Azure, Amazon);
  • Oracle.


  • Accept the challenge of writing clean and reliable code from the first attempt;
  • C++ development (2+ years of experience) // C++98, C++11, STL, Boost, CMake, Bash, Korn Shell (ksh);
  • Be familiar with practices of creation/maintenance of large-scale projects implemented in C++;
  • Knowledge of common algorithms and data structures (the service requires performance improvements);
  • Good knowledge of *NIX systems (for now C++ components are running under Solaris and are being migrated to Linux) and development/debugging processes under NIX’s (DTrace, GDB, GCOV);
  • Great communication skills: we work as a real Scrum team (seriously! Almost like a team from the books about Scrum);
  • Good English skills (there’s also a great possibility to improve your English as we are in close contact with our customers, a couple of months and your level gets increased);
  • Proactivity and willingness to make the life of ordinary medical people easier.

We offer

  • Continuous pipeline of interesting and various work;
  • Possibility to learn from the best-in-class engineers;
  • Recognition from all the levels: from peers, EPAM and Customer top-management to end-users themselves. End-users say “wow, you heard us and implemented this new features like google alerts”;
  • Possibility to improve your English and negotiations skills;
  • Long-term project;
  • Business trips to the USA;
  • Team of experts and professionals.