Now Hiring: Your Talented Friends

At EPAM, we’re always looking for great talent. And we'd love to meet some awesome, fun, technically-advanced and team-oriented software engineers in Ukraine.

Good news: If you’ve got a friend who is all of the above, we’ve got a nice bonus for you!

We’re looking for software engineers who love:

  • Puzzles: EPAMers solve the most complex problems out there with the power of advanced technologies. We aren’t a traditional consultancy company. We’re product services organization providing world-class engineering. We’re focused on providing value and finding the best solutions for our global clients.
  • Exploring: We're growing quickly into new markets and new technologies, and every six months there is something different for us to explore. If someone at EPAM says, "You know what? I want to focus on XYZ technology," there's nothing stopping them from being able to do just that at EPAM.
  • Big Projects: Although you might always be in the same place in the same office, there are always new people to work with and new technologies to learn and travel.

Know someone who fits the bill? We’d love to meet them! And if they join EPAM, you’ll get a bonus.

The Fine Print:

  • You cannot refer yourself – but you’re welcome to check out our openings.
  • The person you are referring must confirm that they know you when we contact them.
  • This applies to Software Engineering (Developer) positions only.
  • You’ll receive 100% of the bonus a month after the person has been successfully holding down a full-time Software Engineering position.
  • You must be the first person to refer the candidate from any source. After submitting the form, we will record the date and time of the submission, along with the candidate's name.
  • Our decision on who submitted the candidate first will be final. Since we get lots of referrals, we can't tell you if you are first until we actually contact or hire the person.
  • Unlike diamonds, referrals aren't forever. If we can't meet with the referral within thirty days, or we don't hire them within six months after you submit their name, no bonus will be paid.
  • We also have an internal referral program. So if a fellow EPAMer seems suited for an open position, be sure to send them our way!

The rest is up to you!

Feel free to contact us with any questions at